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In My Life - a Piano Tribute to the Beatles

by TJR

Released 2007
Released 2007
6 classic Beatles songs re-interpreted as piano instrumentals
A Rock guitarist does a piano album?


Fans of the Alt rocker are so used to thinking of him as a guitar-slinger that many don't realize that TJR’s first instrument was the piano.

In interviews TJR has cited the piano playing of Elton John as the reason he wanted to become a musician, but that the music of the Beatles was probably the most important to him.

"In my spare time I used to tinker with my favorite music (The Beatles) on piano and try to come up with instrumental arrangements. Then one day it struck me, why am I just tinkering with this? Why not do a real album? I threw myself into it and spent a great deal of time on the arrangements, and on becoming a better pianist in the process".

And so after three Rock Guitar Albums. TJR releases “In My Life – A Piano Tribute to the Beatles”.

6 classic Beatle tracks (plus one original composition to open the set) all re-interpreted as piano instrumentals

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