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Lone Dog

by TJR

Released 2013
Released 2013
TJR's first release (long out of circulation): The "Lone Dog" EP
Prior to his first full lenght CD (Rip Roarin' Rock'n'Roll), TJR released "Lone Dog": A four song EP that featured completely different versions of of the songs "Cool Cat Party", "Mexico", and "She Says Na na na - Na na na".

It got a very limited release, so when he went into the studio to record his first full length album he re recorded new versions of these songs.

Rip Roarin' Rock'n'Roll was much more produced whereas "Lone Dog" was a much more immeadiate and raw recording.

most notably different was the use of slide guitarist Kevin Ragsdale, in the song "Mexico"

Another track on the EP that made use of slide guitar was "The Long List". A love song that has never been re recorded or released on another album.

For TJR, this is where it all began.

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