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Mixed Emotions

by TJR

Released 2003
Released 2003
Half Electric / Half Acoustic: A mix of Rocked out Blues, Rockabilly, & Roots Echoing the jumping rhythms of Chuck Berry, the Darker introspections of Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin-esque guitar -
Live magazine called TJR "The new reverend of Rock'n'Roll"! On his 2nd CD, "Mixed Emotions" TJR drops the "Wildcards" and flies solo!

Continuing where his first CD (Rip Roarin'Rock'n'Roll) left off, TJR takes Blues, Rockabilly, Country, and Roots music and rocks his own spin on it.

This 2nd outing is divided into two sides (Yup! It's a two-sided CD. Read on and you'll find out how TJR did it).

The first half is the Rockin' Electric side. Five songs of TJR on electric guitar rockin' out with a full band. Recorded mostly live with minimal overdubs The Electric side features a remake of the classic "Hot Rod Lincoln". TJR also remakes a track from his first album and has re-titled it "Forbidden Fruit Ver. 2.0". (This version is more raw sounding and features a startlingly different bridge with a vocal answer callback section).

The second half is the Rockin' Acoustic side. For the five songs on this half TJR recorded vocals and rhythm acoustic guitar live in the studio. Then he went back and recorded acoustic 2nd guitar, acoustic lead guitar, a touch of acoustic piano, and then recorded what he called percussion on the acoustic guitar by scratching his strings and tapping on the body of the guitar.
"The end result should sound like a bunch o' guys jamming on acoustics"...TJR

Each side begins with the sound a record needle dropping to re-create the feel of what it was like when albums had two sides.

As a performer, and artist TJR has always been split between the Electric and Acoustic sides of his personality. This CD captures both. Thus the title: Mixed Emotions

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