What a Wonderful World

by TJR

Released 2008
Released 2008
Rocker TJR's rendition of one of the most beloved songs in the world
In live performance Alt Blues Rocker TJR has become known for startling cover renditions as he is for his own original songs. Yet most of his albums have generally featured only one cover song per CD (This of course is not including his album of Beatle's song reinterpreted as Piano Instrumentals entitled "In my Life").

Here is his version of one of the most beloved songs in American History: What A Wonderful World. Written by George David Weiss, & George Douglas A/K/A Bob Theile for Jazz artist Louis Armstrong.

The song was one of TJR’s all time favorite songs too and one that he has performed at countless shows.

.......I have generally performed this song with just acoustic guitar and vocal but for this recording I wanted to add some production, yet still keep the sparse acoustic feel of my live performance. I actually started, finished, and then restarted the recording of this song 3 times in a row before I came upon this “third times the charm” version that I was happy with. And that’s the version that you are hearing now. All said, I spent 3 months recording and then re-recording this song and each time I started from scratch. But it was worth it, because I wanted to do right by this song.......TJR - 2008

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